What Makes Us Different?

Our goal is to give an organization the tools, courage, skills and confidence to achieve and sustain new levels of performance. leadershipForward’s clients have told us what makes the difference in our approach to serving them.

  • The close working relationship and trust we achieve to spark significant breakthroughs
  • Highly credible coaching wisdom from a team with diverse, real-world experience
  • Flexible services that evolve as our clients grow and transform
  • Sustained focus on alignment of client values, strategy and culture
  • Ability to customize solutions to specific needs

The proof is in the results. After working with leadershipForward, one regional health system saw a more than 70 percent increase in inpatient satisfaction and employee confidence in leadership. An improvement in retention occurred as well, reducing costly turnover. Such success stories are the highlights that validate our work as collaborators with those who pursue a higher standard of leadership.


“The value leadershipForward brings to the table is not typical of consultants nor leadership coaches. They believe in what they are saying and are seen as a legitimate resource that executives can connect with and learn from.” 

Jack Stephens, CEO
Lakeland Regional Medical Center