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leadershipForward works to create sustainable improvement in the people and organizations with which we work. Real change and growth can’t be achieved using a cookie cutter approach. For each of our clients, we work to understand and address root causes and adapt our solutions to address specific needs.

Being passionate about the work we do, our education and training never stops. The leadershipForward approach is always enriched by insights from the latest research and developments in management, industrial psychology, organizational change and leadership.

leadershipForward Solutions

Executive Performance Coaching
Executive Performance Coaching is designed to open a leader’s eyes to a more productive way of addressing an organization’s business objectives, mission and strategy. We work closely one on one to cultivate behavior that is consistent with your values and achieves strategic and operational objectives. Our clients continue to tell us that this unique method of coaching is transformational and of immense value to the individual and the organization.

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Executive Performance Coaching (PDF)

Catalyst Executive Leadership Program
Catalyst is a powerful experience that accelerates the building of higher performing leadership teams to raise the performance of their organizations. The Catalyst Executive Leadership Program has three integrated elements: behavioral assessment and diagnosis; executive coaching; and immediate application of the lessons learned in daily work routines. Each element is designed to support a specific aspect of change and development by focusing work where it is needed, developing the right skills and putting them to use. The Catalyst Executive Leadership Program builds sustainable performance.

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Catalyst Executive Leadership Program (PDF)
Catalyst Nursing Leadership Program (PDF)

Developing High Potential Employees
Designed to make sure your best and brightest employees rise to the top of your organization, Developing High Potential Leaders is a structured way to engage participants in an accelerated process of leadership growth and development. We work with our clients to provide special coaching and mentoring to cultivate star performers, prepare them to grow into business-critical leadership roles, and keep them on board to strengthen the organization’s competitive advantage within their industry.

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Leadership Development (PDF)
Leadership Development in Healthcare (PDF)

Train the Coach
Coaching is a proven way to elevate leadership capabilities, but usually only reaches a limited few. Train the Coach deepens an organization’s ability to sustain improved business outcomes by teaching senior leaders to facilitate engaging learning experiences that help less experienced staff grow. We provide a simple, customizable framework to create breakthrough learning opportunities and techniques designed to equip senior leaders and human resource executives to be comfortable in facilitating rather than directing others. With Train the Coach, our clients effectively create an internal core of skilled leaders with coaching ability who are adept at responding to the diverse learning and communication styles of their direct reports.

Succession Planning
Leadership is a primary factor and the driving force in organizational success. Whether an organization has an immediate need to fill a position or is impacted by an unexpected departure, succession planning ensures that organizational vision and momentum are carried forward should the face of leadership change. Through a process of co-creation, we work with our clients to provide clear, reality‑based plans that build a strong talent management system for long-term success.

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Succession Planning & Talent Management (PDF)

Culture Transformation
When your organization’s culture is struggling or blocking higher levels of performance and commitment, you need to take control before the negative effects become irreversible.  leadershipForward partners with you to envision the type of culture you desire and build the structure, systems, processes and motivation required to make it happen. It’s an intentional, step-by-step approach that replaces a future based on chance with one based on a cohesive framework for success.

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Transforming Culture (PDF)

Management Education
As people progress within your organization, we provide them with professional education and training using proven techniques that make them effective leaders and managers. Continuous learning fuels their ability to produce results, lead teams, engage staff and make positive contributions to the bottom line through changing times and new business challenges.


“The value leadershipForward brings to the table is not typical of consultants nor leadership coaches. They believe in what they are saying and are seen as a legitimate resource that executives can connect with and learn from.” 

Jack Stephens, CEO
Lakeland Regional Medical Center